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Frequently Asked Questions

I am an event space owner/manager. How do i register/list my event space on RentYourHall?

Listing your event space on RentYourHall is FREE! You can easily register/list your event space by visiting and clicking on "List a Venue" at the top of the page; select 'yes', and then fill out the required details, hit the 'submit' button and you will be listed/registered immediately. An activation email will be sent to the email address you registered with, after which you can then edit the details of your listing even further, and add in beautiful pictures.

How does work? is an online event venue booking platform that allows users to conveniently search for and book event hall(s) for their event(s) with ease. It's completely free to use! You simply enter a hall name or location into the "quick search" box on the homepage, or click on the 'Find a Venue' link at the top of any page for more in-depth filters to narrow down to event space(s) of your choice. You then proceed to booking any choice hall by completing and submitting the booking request form on the details page of the hall; you will get a prompt feedback by e-mail from the event hall management as to whether your booking request has been accepted or declined. If accepted, you can go ahead and visit the event hall to make a payment deposit, or alternatively make an online payment.

How do i make a booking?

When you have used the search filters to narrow down to an event space of your choice, simply click on "more details". Along with the selected hall's details, you will see a short 'booking request form' by the side where you can fill in your booking details and submit. You will get a feedback in a short period from the event hall management informing you on whether your booking request has been accepted or not.

Is an acceptance of my booking request a guarantee that i have secured the event space for my event?

Your accepted booking request at this point doesn't represent a guarantee that you have secured the event space, as it remains provisional until rental payment is made. In order to get your booking guaranteed and fully secured, you have to follow up on the finalization of payment with the event hall management (their contacts are provided in the booking acceptance e-mail you would have received) as orders are still treated on a first-come first-serve basis.

Can i go lower than the listed price?

Most definitely, yes! The booking request form allows for this with a field to make an offer of how much you would like to pay. If the event space management is fine with your price offer, your booking request will be accepted and you will be notified. However, we recommend that you match the listed price if you are really keen on using the event space, so as not to be beaten to it by another requester or even a walk-in customer to the event space.

If my booking is accepted, what do i do next?

As soon as your booking request is accepted, you will be notified via email and you will be able to see the contact details of the manager of the event space. You should proceed to finalize on the rental payment (either by a physical visit to the event space, or via an online payment), so as to fully secure the event space for your event.

If my booking request is declined, what does it mean?

It means that either the particular event date you have chosen is unavailable, or the price offer you made is below the acceptable range of the event space management.

Can i make booking requests for two or more event spaces at once?

Yes, you can make booking requests for as many event spaces as you feel you need to. As with any open market, the freedom of choice rests with the customer! A booking is not binding until it is accepted by the event space management AND payment is made to them. 

How do i make payment after booking?

Our service is completely free to use! However, as soon as your booking request is accepted, you will get feedback by email; it will contain among other things the contact details of the manager of the event hall you booked. You may have further discussions with him/her to iron out any grey areas, and can then go ahead to make rental payment to the event hall management according to whatever payment structure you agree on. In due course, we will provide an online payment feature on our website, which would make it easier for rental payments to be made. In the interim, we recommend you make a physical visit to the event hall before making a payment.

NOTE: You only make payments to the event hall management after your booking has been accepted and confirmed.

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